Izzy, London

This article explains that gender critical beliefs refer to people who believe that sex assigned at birth is overall, more important than gender and often believe that the rights of women are being threatened by trans rights. It also explains the views of LGBT+ activists who oppose these beliefs. I chose this article because I thought it effectively highlighted the dangers behind gender critical beliefs and how they are often just poorly veiled transphobia, along with the damage towards the transgender community caused by privileged people in positions of power who hold these beliefs.

Is it a news story?

This article was recent, as it was written late July. The points made by the journalist are also not new since they report on things such as the controversial tweets made by JK Rowling over a year ago, and ongoing discussions which have been happening since long before it was written. However, the article itself is still informative as it provides interesting information about the debate and a clear explanation behind it.

Did this really happen?

It is clear to me that the article is legitimate since the events which are described are all things which have actually happened and been reported on by other companies. It also provides quotes from real people such as Nim Ralph, a transgender activist.

Is the story balanced?

The news story is balanced, providing multiple viewpoints from both self described “gender criticals” and also LGBT+ activists and organisations who believe gender critical beliefs to be harmful. It is therefore balanced since it provides different viewpoints on the situation.

What do you think?

I agree that gender critical beliefs are a form of transphobia and are incredibly harmful, as they ultimately stigmatise trans women, who do not pose a threat to cisgender women as gender criticals will often claim, and exclude them from women’s spaces. The article did not change my view as this was one I held prior to reading it. Whilst it did provide viewpoints from gender critical people, they were views which I didn’t agree with.

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