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Is there a “Fake News” Epidemic?

Many years ago when I was a marketing manager I had a great boss who used to say that when it came to marketing a brand or product, “perception is reality”. In other words, what people perceive to be real is what they will consider to be the reality. To a large extent...

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Influencing Election Results

I came across this story by chance whilst reading a book by Rory Clements. It’s another example of how events that we think are unique challenges of our times have happened before. Since 2016 authorities, intelligence agencies and the media have been exploring the...

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How I became a Journalist by Dhara Ranasinghe

There was a part of me that always knew I wanted to go into journalism, an interest perhaps triggered by hearing about the likes of Che Guevara and Nelson Mandela and asking my parents about them. In primary school I set up a newspaper, which we sold for 20p,...

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